PROVFLUX, May 27-29th, 2005.
Providence, RI, USA

Submissions Application and Guidelines
The Providence Initiative for Psychogeographic Studies (PIPS) ( is looking for experimental projects in contemporary urban exploration and public art. The Provflux hopes to attract a wide range of artists, thinkers, and explorers for a weekend of interventions and entertainment.
The projects can take any form, providing it engages contemporary notions of urban space and psychogeography. Public interventions, actions, installations, projects, videos, and documentation will all be considered.
All disciplines are encouraged to submit material. The deadline for proposals is April 15th, 2005.

Possible Categories:
  • Public Intervention/ Performance/ Participatory Sculpture
  • Urban Exploration (derives, tours, abandoned spaces, tunnels, etc)
  • Lost Space Recovery/ Temporary Installations
  • Tech Mapping/ Audio/ Visual (GPS mapping, projections, generative psygeo)
  • Gallery Work/ Documentation of Project
  • Lecture/ Discussion/ Theory
  • Games/ Experimental Public Art
  • Other

Please email your submissions to

or mail to:
Firehouse 13
41 Central Street
Providence, RI 02907

The Providence Initiative for Psychogeographic
Studies (PIPS)
Providence, RI