Cinematheque at MediaCentre announced the opening of Cinema_C by launching a special call for submissions.
Online Cinema - Interactive Narratives (O-C-I-N) is a new project environment going down to experimental forms of cinema in an online context.
Until now, the spaces of Cinematheque were mainly presenting streaming video works of different kind and interactivity played basically rather a certain role concerning interface design than a conceptional component of the art works themselves.
Cinema_C and "O-C-I-N" will focus on the conceptional role of interactivity as a basic component for a new film creation
by involving the user actively in the process and progress of story telling.
The participating artist or artists collaborative are free to choose and develop their story and the specific way they allow/enforce the user to take influence on the progress of the story in a conceptional and technological concern, and these represent also the basic conditions for creating the art work.

For further details visit the Cinematheque.