NEW LIFE BERLIN is a participatory art festival dedicated to new modes of moving and existing. Curated from the online art community WOOLOO.ORG, NEW LIFE BERLIN aims to connect the critical resources of a global network of artists with a specific geographical location of importance to today“s cultural production.


Artists working in all mediums are encouraged to apply for participation in NEW LIFE BERLIN. All applications must be made online at Final deadline for applications is May 1. 2008


In opposition to traditional art festivals, the NEW LIFE BERLIN artistic program is focused on participation and is therefore open to proposals from interested artists throughout the Festival period. By keeping participation open – while still curated – it is the intend of the curatorial team to test the critical value of the much discussed online community, while simultaneously serve as an investigative platform for a fluid cultural landscape that can no longer be controlled by any centralized apparatus.


TRANSNATIONAL COMMUNITIES deals with alternative means of representing “community” and “identity” to those of the modern nation state. Whether of social or artistic background, the projects presented all give rise to group participation and advocates real life cultural mobility on one or several levels.
ARTISTIC SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY questions the relationship between cultural practitioners and corporate entities in the new millennium. How does contemporary cultural production relate to the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility”?
PARTICIPATION AND INTERVENTION finally explores participatory artistic processes and their relationship to the socio-political climate in which they are created. Projects focus on actual interaction with the local public and thereby on practical investigations of new potentials for civic engagement and empowerment.