MuVi3 invites artists, musicians, designers and performers, also professors and university students, to submit proposals of kinetic works to be part of a public exhibition, with performances and discussions.

Visual Music exhibition is part of the Fourth International Congress “Synaesthesia: Science & Art”, to be held from the 16th to the 19th of February 2012, Palacio de los Condes de Gabia (Granada, Spain) and Almeria University.


The topic of the exhibition is visual music and synesthesia. For “visual music”, we intend every representation to be only visual or audiovisual, suggested by the music.

The correspondences between the visual and music can be the results of synesthetic perceptions (the visuals are the mental images suggested by the music); or the correspondences can be the result of studies on the analogies between the visual and musical languages (rhythms, tonality, texture, colours, etc.). The support of a narrative thread is not required.

Who can participate?

The call is for two categories of participants:

  • Participant A: professionals (artists, musicians, designers and performers)
  • Participant B: university (B1: professors; B2: students, or graduated within the last 12 months).

What can you submit?

Any Moving Image (video, animations, etc.) – only visual kinetic work, audiovisual, or interactive – is eligible for submission. University professors can submit a collection of didactic works. Students, one or more works, produced in an university course.

The work does not have to be published and must be free from copyrights.