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Motion Portraiture and Self-Portraiture

Motion Portraiture and Self-Portraiture, Cornell Cinema Ithaca, NY

Open Call for Artworks of Motion Portraiture and Self-Portraiture

  • What is a motion portrait?
  • Is there such a thing?
  • What distinguishes motion portraits from biographical films and documentaries?

Portraiture and self-portraiture have fascinating histories in painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, but what has happened to the form of the portrait in the digital age? Are contemporary filmmakers, video artists, animators and programmers pushing the disciplines of the portrait and self-portrait into motion?

The Cornell Council for the Arts, Prudence Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts at Cornell University, and Cornell Cinema invite submissions of motion portraits and self-portraits for a curated screening. Through this open call, we seek to uncover the full depth and range of contemporary portraiture and self-portraiture in time-based arts. Broad interpretations of “portrait” and “self-portrait” are welcome.

Accepting all artworks which can be screened in video (including film, video, motion graphics, animation, programming, game interfaces, flip books, etc.) Due to scheduling limitations, works under 5 minutes preferred.

Exhibition of the curated show will be at Cornell Cinema in April 2010.
Curated by Darren Douglas Floyd, Artist-In-Residence, Film and Video, Cornell University, 2009-2010 with the assistance of Cornell University students.
Deadline: All entries must be postmarked by March 15th, 2010.
There is no entry fee.

Please send submissions as .mov data files on DVD, with current CV/resume and artist statement to: Open Call:

Motion Portraiture and Self-Portraiture
c/o Darren Douglas Floyd,
AIR 123 Risley Hall Cornell University Ithaca,
NY 14853-5801

Generous funding and support for this project is provided by The Cornell Council for the Arts, Prudence Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts at Cornell University, and Cornell Cinema.

For more information please direct queries to Darren Douglas Floyd, Artist-In-Residence in Film and Video, Cornell University, 2009-2010 at

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