Juried International Networked Art Competition
Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2007

MIXED REALITIES is an international juried competition that will result in the commissioning of 5 networked art works to be exhibited/performed at; Art Interactive, a gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A; and Ars Virtua, a gallery in the online 3D rendered environment, Second Life.

  1. a competitionand series of simultaneous exhibitions that engage users in three discrete environments:
    • the Internet (Turbulence),
    • an online 3-D rendered environment (Ars Virtua/Second Life),
    • and physical space (Art Interactive);
  2. works that evaluate the concepts “virtual”, “simulation”, and “real”;
  3. a series of experiences in which participants connect with one another and contribute to the creation of the work. Five commissions @ $5,000 (US) each.


NOTE: While collaborative projects are preferred they are not a requirement. We have set up a FORUM for applicants to ask and answer questions and seek collaborators.

MICHAEL FRUMIN, Technical Director Emeritus, Eyebeam;
NATASHA KHANDEKAR, Director, Art Interactive;
JAMES MORGAN, Director, Ars Virtua;
TREBOR SCHOLZ, Founder, Institute for Distributed Creativity;
HELEN THORINGTON, Co-Director, Turbulence.


Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2007
Notification: Winners will be contacted after May 15, 2007
Delivery: Works must be completed by February 2008

This project is supported by a generous grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Jo-Anne Green, Co-Director
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
New York: 917.548.7780 . Boston: 617.522.3856