The third edition of Mediations Biennale entitled THE UNKNOWNNIEPOJMOWALNE will take place in Poznań and it will last from 14 September till 14 October 2012. Four curators will oversee the programme of the event (Denise Carvalho, Friedhelm Mennekes, Fumio Nanjo, Tomasz Wendland). We also welcome two guest curators: Drorit Gur Arie and Harro Schmidt. Artworks of the biennale will be presented in several locations. To name just a few: Zamek Culture Centre, National Museum, Poznań International Fair, Archdiocesan Museum, The Centre of Christian Culture; as well as the public space of Poznań. It is worth highlighting here that 2012 Mediations Biennale espouses a unique synergic character – except for the main expositions, there will take place a lot of affiliated programmes. What is more, the Poland Biennale Conference will be accompanied by presentations in over 40 galleries located in various places in Poland. The main programme of the biennale will host 80 artists. In total, 150 artists will present their work in all programmes and centres. The efficient development and application of the 2012 Mediations Biennale concept is supervised by the Mediations Biennale Foundation.

MEDIATIONS BIENNALE, being an initiator and partner in many international events in the world (a.o. Belgium, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Uruguay and the USA), offers Poznań a unique opportunity and space for dialogue. Alongside the autumn event, there will be organised several exhibitions: the first one will be at Scope art fair in New York in March 2012; in May 2012 at Geopark congress in Shimabara in Japan; and finally in June at Manifesta in Hasselt in Belgium.