Since 1984 the Museum of Sculpture Glaskasten Marl has hosted the Video Art Award, and since 2002 the Sound Art Award, which will be further developed to the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD.

The Museum in Marl has shaped the unique profile of the Marl Media Awards not only through its orientation as sculpture museum, but also on the strength of its placement in the modernist architecture of the Town Hall, completed in 1966. Because sculpture is a genus to which multifocality and spatial reference are crucial, the video art competition was for the first time launched with a specific substantive focus-for all artists whose video works address questions of spatiality. The works submitted for the Video Art Award must relate thematically, formally or in its presentation to the specific (museum) space. The same idea applies to the parallel competition in sound art. The national restriction has also been dropped, and the new competitions are announced internationally.

Two international prize-juries for video art and sound art will select the winners of the Marler Media Art Awards 2013, whose works will be exhibited in the Museum of Sculpture Glaskasten Marl.

The awards ceremony of the Marler Media Art Awards 2013 and the exhibition opening will take place on 20 October 2013 in the Museum of Sculpture Glaskasten Marl.


We now invite all artists to apply for the Marler Media Art Awards 2013 with their work.
The closing date for submissions for both competitions is 17 May 2013.