Art is getting noisier every day. Whether made by sculptors, video artists, composers, printmakers or installation artists, there’s no question but that “Sound Art” is a genre ascendant. The Turner Prize went to a Sound Artist last year, phonography has revived an interest in R. Murray Schafer’s Soundscape theories, and critical writing is beginning to proliferate on the topic. It’s time for Leonardo Music Journal to give this field a closer look.

For Volume 23 of LMJ we solicit articles and artist’s statements that address the role of sound in art that wouldn’t necessarily be called “music.”


Rough proposals, queries
15 October 2012
Submission of finished articles
2 January 2013

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Note: LMJ is a peer-reviewed journal. All manuscripts are reviewed by LMJ editors, editorial board members and/or members of the LMJ community prior to acceptance.