Art in a Container International Competition

Kobe Biennale 2015 will hold the 5th edition of the Art in a Container International Competition. We ask for your art products based on taking advantage of the dimensions of a standard shipping container (12.0 meters long x 2.4m wide x 2.7m high). This year’s exhibition will be open during the nighttime only. For this reason, exhibitors may decorate the exterior of the container if they wish, provided that any embellishments are tamper-proof/weatherproof. A wide variety of works from professionals and non professionals are welcome.

Theme:スキ。 (suki)

We are fascinated by the new, the outstanding, the endearing. Curiosity arouses our senses and brings Art Culture to life. As the saying goes, “each to their own”, but in each person’s preferences (suki na koto) we see the essence of that person’s being. “Suki” in Japanese is many words, pronounced the same, but written with many different Chinese characters and with a host of different meanings. Making paper (kami o suki), ploughing the fields (tochi o suki), brushing hair (kami o suki), peeking through a gap (hedate o suki)…People in Japan experience and become close to the various meanings of “suki” during the course of daily life. With combs, hoes, and fences, the dishevelled is put straight, things we do not need are gotten rid of, and the way is cleared: this is suki.

Innovation can thrive through this spirit of cleansing and clearing, and within the created space (suki), free thinking is stimulated in the minds of many individuals. Japan’s culture of hospitality also has developed with people’s will to respect others’ beliefs and opinions, and their willingness on occasion to open up (suki o ataeru) and let others in.

Kobe is the city of style where a multitude of artistic forms of expression and values bloom. Come and encounter “suki” at KOBE Biennale 2015.