Entry Invitation to “Art in a Container” Competition At the composite art festival Kobe Biennale 2007, which is to be held for the first time, an art competition entitled “Art in a Container” will be feature art created to fit the confines of a shipping container. Artists are expected to realize the power and potential of art, and to think “outside the box,” but to condense that creativity into the limited space of a container. “Art in a Container” is to be a public exhibition of contemporary art. We invite work from many artists who assent to the main purport of Kobe Biennale 2007, which is to facilitate encounters with a broad segment of art and culture. Artists are invited to exhibit their work inside a 40-foot dry freight container measuring 12 meters length (deep), 2.4 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall. [Kobe Biennale 2007]