The coming festival edition will present more than 400 films during six festival days in various competition categories and special programmes. Prizes valued at a total of €40,000 will be up for grabs for those films selected to run in competition.


  1. The organisers of the Festival interfilm 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin are interfilm Berlin Management GmbH in cooperation with Bewegliche Ziele e.V.
  2. For interfilm 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin Films for the International Competitions may not be longer than 20 minutes.
    For the Documentary Competition and for the German Competition the Films may not be longer than 30 minutes.
  3. The entry form, the additional material and the 2 preview DVDs for interfilm 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin must reach interfilm Berlin by June 24th, 2011.
    Please make sure that you send 2 Preview DVDs for each film entry.
  4. Films submitted will be considered for all suitable festival categories.
  5. The risks and costs of sending viewing tapes and screening copies to the interfilm Festival are to taken by the sender. Film copies sent on from other festivals have to be arranged by the sender.
  6. The screening formats are 35mm, Digital Beta (PAL) and Quicktime 1080p only. If the original version is in a language other than English or German, the film must be subtitled in English.
  7. Film copies are insured for their print value for the duration of the festival . Compensation claims must be made within 10 days after the film has been returned. Court jurisdiction is in Berlin.
  8. All parcels from non-EU member states must be clearly marked with a customs declaration stating the following: “For cultural purposes only. No commercial value.” Parcels from non-EU member states must also be accompanied by an invoice stating a value of not more than 10 Euro (under no circumstances should higher production costs be given). Costs arising from incorrect declarations will be charged to the account of the sender.
  9. Submitting a film the sender confirms that the film may get screened at the festival. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that permission has been obtained from all appropriate parties before submitting a film.
  10. The screening copy must arrive no later than 15 days before (Tuesday, November 1st, 2011) the festival begins. Notice of festival acceptance and rejection will be given in September 2011 by e-mail. Please include legible e-mail addresses on the application form!
  11. DVDs remain in the interfilm archive. During the festival they will be viewable by accredited guests.

Please send Preview DVDs and Material to:

interfilm Berlin / 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin
Tempelhofer Ufer 1a / 10961 Berlin / Germany