With the announcement of this year’s festival, the Hellenic Centre for Photography is issuing an invitation to artists wishing to participate in the exhibition program of the Athens Photo Festival 10, whose central theme is Interfaces.

In an era of confusion, bereft of strong proposals and perspectives, where economic theories contradict each other and the political ideologies have failed, the contemporary photography tries to answer questions concerning today’s reality capturing the mood of the time in all its aspects: aesthetic, conceptual, poetic and philosophical.

The main concept is subject to different approaches, reflecting social and political aspects and issues of vital importance, such as the economical and intellectual crisis, the environmental destruction and the general feeling of isolation and uncertainty.

Simultaneously, at a time in which the image is one of the principal tools of communication and transmission of messages, the terms of interaction and dialectic among the artist, the work of art and the viewer are reconsidered, opening up new narrative and reading ways by adopting non-conventional means and sites of presentation of the contemporary artistic work.

Each proposal should include a total of ten to twenty works. The works must present a portion of a photographic project or an entire project and be homogeneous in content and style. Proposal should be based on the thematic focus Interfaces or Carte Blanche.