Independent Animated Shorts and Applied Animation

The Holland Animation Film Festival organizes various competitions. The international competitions are the competition for independent animated shorts and the competition for applied animation. The deadline for entering these competitions is July 1, 2009.

Furthermore there is a competition for student films and the competition for best Dutch animation, but these competitions are accessible only for Dutch productions.

Competition for independent animation

Categories in the competition for independent animation are:

  • narrative
  • non-narrative shorts.

The maximum length of the films in competition is 35 minutes, unless the organisation decides differently.

Competition for applied animation

Categories in the competition for applied animation are:

  • commercials
  • educational films
  • leaders
  • music videos.

During the festival a competition will be held for applied animation.
Applied animation should be understood in the widest sense: announcements, titles, educational and information films, music videos, motion graphics, use of tricks or special effects in films and commercials effected by a technique other than live action.

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