WWW.HIDRAZONE.COM – A new online publishing opportunity for digital art and related writing is currently looking for work for its first edition as well as offering a number of commissions for new work.

HIDRAZONE is a space for practitioners and writers in the field of digital and interactive arts. We seek to encourage practical and theoretical research into a wide variety of digital art (new media art) such as net art, interactive art, software art, digital painting, and computational video.
Their main goal is to provide a forum for encouraging aesthetic quality in digital and interactive arts practice, as well as promoting critical discourse and theoretical commentary in this emerging field.


The current theme is RANDOMNESS, if you are interested in submitting work for the current edition, submit work to



The fee for each work commissioned will be 1000 euros for a time-based digital artwork capable of being hosted by the Hidrazone website (streaming media support is available). Potential media includes: Flash, Director Shockwave, computational video (optimised in Quicktime), Java and other software based art work. The art work must be capable of functioning in an online environment aimed at a 512kb broadband user.Follow guidelines on the commissions page, www.hidrazone.com/commissions.html and email to


The Hidrazone Commission 2005 is funded by the Centre for Advanced Scholarship in Art and Design, Southampton Institute. Hidrazone is nonprofit making online journal-gallery promoting research into digital and interactive art.