Tucson, AZ 85719, USA
Event dates: 2007

Museum for Polydimensional Research

International Video Art Festival

In the Sonoran desert, the scorching heat of the summer is interrupted by the monsoons, a torrential downpour of rain which fills the dry stream-beds as well as city streets. A flash flood, gone as fast as it came.

At its most basic, the media of Video Art are light and time. A flash is a short burst of light. Flood is lighting that lasts longer, filling a space. The FlashFlood Video Art Festival, like the summer monsoon, fills the city and then disappears, leaving everything more alive. This Festival will bring the best work of international video artists together for one long evening of viewing.

Along with the principal festival events will be a special showcase of “video-objects”, works which, through repetition or other means, may be appreciated by a viewer entering at any point and staying for any duration. These works will be projected in public spaces, bringing video art to pedestrians and drivers as they pass by.

  1. Participation is free.
  2. Submissions must be received by July 28.
  3. There are no restrictions upon the subject matter of the work.
  4. Submissions to the main festival may be up to 20 min. long.
  5. Submissions to the Video-Objects showcase may be up to 5 min. long.
  6. Works must be in either DVD format or QuickTime movie on a CD or USB Memory Stick.
  7. International entries, please write on envelope: No commercial value, for cultural purposes only.
  8. Multiple entries may be mailed together, but must each have a completed entry form.
  9. For return of screening copies, include SASE, otherwise materials will not be returned, but will remain in the Museum’s archive.

Museum for Polydimensional Research
1340 N. 1st Ave
AZ 85719 Tucson