Yesterday we had our first major down time since we have launched the site.

This was caused due to a very bad corruption of our MySQL database which we have managed to restore using a MySQL dump (backup to the non geeks) with the help of Halfbee's script.

Since our restore, the site for some very strange reason the XHTML does not validate by using the check referrer method. ie

The site however is in valid xhtml and that can be seen by copying the source code of any page and pasting it in the appropriate field on

We are currently working to resolve this paradox.

Until then we apologise to our visitors for the strange behaviour of our site.

If anyone had a similar experience and has a quick solution to this issue please do let us know by writing to us in the form provided at the bottom of this page.

>Edit: NeMe would like to formally thank Sencer for all his help and support in resolving this matter.