Call for experimental films

DA Fest is International Digital and Electronic Art Festival, organised by the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. The festival aims to present diverse trends and practices in the fields of digital film&video, sound art, net art, robotics, multimedia performances, installations and other interdisciplinary forms.

Festival mission is to build an environment that fosters the digital and electronic arts in art education and to create a platform for dialogue between artists, media activists, academics and students.

We are interested in any cutting edge experiments with the moving image that could hardly fit to the traditional genres like fiction, documentary, or music video. Experimental films are not just about technical innovation, but its about new voices and new perspectives.

All genres and styles will be considered, including experimental film and video, art film, animation, etc. Length up to 20 min.

To send us your film choose one of the three options:

  1. upload it the online form (for file up to 50 MB)
  2. give us a link where we can see your film online or download a preview
  3. send us a DVD with the film by post to the address given at the bottom of the form.

Please, consider the time for delivery, as we need to receive the film until May 30th, 2010.

Deadline: 30/05/10 – recieved

Event dates: 13-17 September 2010
National Academy of Art Sofia


DA Fest (National Academy of Art)
Galina Dimitrova
1 Shipka street
1000 Sofia