The graduate students of the Department of Media Studies and Film at The New School are pleased to announce a call for papers and projects to the 12th annual Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference, taking place April 13-14,2012 in New York City.

The Media Studies Department at the New School, a pioneer of progressive education, was designed from its inception to be a home for both theory and practice-based scholarship. In the spirit of this tradition, we would like to encourage the submission of traditional scholarly papers as well as multimodal research projects.

We ask all applicants to be prepared to present their work in a traditional academic format, but individual panels may encompass projects in a variety of configurations. We invite you to surprise all those in attendance with your conclusions, observations, demonstrations, curations, and curiosities found within today’s media landscape.

Presenters are invited to submit project proposals that include but are not limited to: papers, interactive installations, maps, walking tours, performances, and so on. We will send notification in advance to all presenters for whom we are able to accommodate any non-traditional formats and provide technical services.

Media Studies remains a constantly evolving field ripe with dynamic possibilities for exploration. As such, Critical Themes in Media Studies is not organized around a single overarching theme. We welcome work from across a wide range of topics related to media theory. Panels will be formed around common areas of interest that emerge from the works received.

For general inquiries or further information, please contact: