visions contra total television. your film in the spotlight. the audience selects the winners of the contravision awards.

contravision – this is a film festival for all those who not only consume films, but make films themselves. films from underground, independent and inventive, versatile, insubordinate, funny or melancholy, realised on a no-to-low budget but great ambitions. films of all genres and subjects, from different countries and continents will be screened. the only one condition is the maximum length up to 30 minutes. only: brevity is the soul of wit.

contravision doesn’t conceive itself as a competitive exhibition only, but aims at increasing media awareness among the filmmaker and the cineaste. the purpose is to refocus the public’s attention on the independent short film that is produced off the beaten track of mainstream cinema and therefore is often excluded from the commercial cinema circuits.

contravision presents the highlights of creative filmmaking by not yet known film directors and future celebrities. what counts are the original idea and its imaginative realisation more than the technical finesse.

therefore it’s the audience, not a would-be qualified jury, that is placed in the centre of the films appreciation. it’s the audience that chooses to celebrate in a considerate manner.

deadline for film submissions: june 30th 2008.
Venue: BLOW UP, Berlin
shorts, documentaries, animations, art-house or something completely different up to a max. duration of 30 minutes.