Cinema Extreme was created in 2002 by the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund and FilmFour to encourage and develop filmmakers with a distinctive directorial voice and cinematic flair.

Nine films were made in the first two years. They have been shown at festivals around the world and won many awards from Best Short at the Edinburgh Film Festival for Duane Hopkins Love Me or Leave Me Alone to the OscarĀ® for Best Short Film for Andrea Arnold’s Wasp.

In 2005 significant changes were made. Cinema Extreme now allows for a greater degree of project and talent development within the scheme. It operates as a development programme incorporating a rolling commissioning process, through which the UK Film Council and FilmFour will commission up to four films per year. Six films were commissioned in 2005.

A key focus of Cinema Extreme is our commitment to diversity. We aim to:

  • source a diverse range of filmmaking talent and mentors;
  • provide new opportunities to increase participation of groups currently under-represented in the UK film industry such as writers, directors, producers and actors who are disabled, female and/or from black and visible minority ethnic groups. In support of this ambition, we will be soliciting applications to encourage a greater degree of participation by filmmakers from these groups. Section 47 of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and section 37 of the Race Relations Act 1976 apply;
  • encourage filmmakers to explore social issues of disability, cultural/ethnic diversity and social exclusion through the content and range of individual projects;
  • create much-needed progression routes into the UK film industry for identified filmmaking talent;
  • provide an opportunity for and encourage established filmmaking talent to reinvest their expertise in the talent of the tomorrow;