Now in our 18th year, The Chicago Underground Film Festival exists to showcase the defiantly independent filmmaker. Our mission is to promote films and videos that experiment in form, technique, or content and to present adventurous works that challenge and transcend expectations… if you suspect your film is “underground,” it probably is.

Founded in 1994, The Chicago Underground Film Festival is dedicated to the work of film and video makers with defiantly independent visions. Unlike many other “independent” film events our goal is not to imitate old guard, market-driven festivals such as Sundance. Instead we seek to create our own particular niche by presenting an accessible, user-friendly showcase for Avant-Garde and cult cinema. CUFF presents a wide range of work exploring the many definitions and interpretations of the concept of “underground”. From alternative music films and political agitprop to high camp and formal experimentation. We like films that go beyond expectations and genre, films made with passion, obsession and drive. The Chicago Underground Film Festival is an official program of IFP/Chicago