Intervention of critical intervention and social interaction in the public space.

Idensity is a program that calls for projects, promotes interventions and proposes debates. Communal space, interaction, identity, communication, confrontation, participation and conflict are elements which, linked to social and cultural factors of a specific place, become activating tools for projecting and intervening in the public space from the field of creation.

The present edition intends to lead these parameters of work towards a specific subject matter: Urban Growth and Expansion, an emerging phenomenon in both towns where the project takes place, Calaf and Manresa, and which, in short,will redefine their social and cultural context.

The participation in Idensitat. CALAF / MANRESA 05 is an open one, it has a multidisciplinary character and it is directed to creators working in the subject of public space. The participants may present works already done or new projects. They must have directed their investigation toward specific contexts and formulated proposals of critical intervention and social interaction in the public space.

It is mandatory to attach all the necessary information ( please check the section Project Presentation), to the proposal presented, as well as any reference to the context, so the work becomes understandable. Participants must make explicit the main lines on which the project is based.

The proposed project must take into account the development of a workshop dealing with any social area of any of the two towns: associations, groups, collectives, students, and others, so that the social network of the population is involved in the working process.

Once the works that are going to be developed have been selected, the final project will be written after a stay for field work in Calaf or Manresa, depending on the centre selected for the development of the work (please, consult the section Field Work).

In the proposal specific aspects of Calaf and Manresa can be considered, such as common elements or contrasting ones existing between both places. Nevertheless the selection committee for the proposals will be the one in charge of deciding ultimately the final context – Calaf or Manresa – in which the project will be developed.