When small cities grow bigger…

Cities today are growing at breackneck pace. Since 2007, urban areas have been home to more than 60% of the world’s population. In Europe, this figure stands out at more than 80%. The most extreme manifestation of this process is the megacity, defined by the United Nations as an urban agglomeration with a population of 10 million or more. In 1975, there were only three megacities. Today, there are 31.

The 2015 Contemporary Art and Architecture Triennial of Bruges examines the different aspects of global urbanization together with internationally renowned artists, architects, scientists, curators and the general public

In stark contrast to the relentless dynamic of the never completed megacity stands the timeless, unchangeable character of the old city of Bruges. The Triennial fuses both images in the unique historic centre, resulting in fascinating artistic encounters and confrontations.
Curators: Till-Holger Borchert, Lies Coppens, Michel Dewilde