BEAM currently have three Open Call opportunities for artists wishing to share their work at this year’s festival. Categories for these opportunities are:

  • OPEN SPACE: A platform for artists to exhibit or perform their own work at the festival. We are offering a free weekend pass and accommodation on site to 10 selected OPEN SPACE artists. All OPEN SPACE submissions should refer to the broad themes of music & technology, interactivity, electronic music, music produced through unusual interfaces (including sonic robots!) and home-made instruments. Installations, performances, demonstrations; we’re into anything interactive whether it be beautiful, intense, playful, dramatic, mesmerising or shocking! Finished pieces and works-in-progress are all welcome.*

For pre-recorded or remote media, submissions can also be made for:

  • BEAM TRAIN: Podcasts, recordings and interactive games that will be available through the BEAM website to captivate and entertain festival-goers on their tube journey from central London to Uxbridge Station.
  • BEAM ONLINE: A category for anyone who wants to share related work but can’t get to the festival. Your work will be uploaded to the BEAM Festival website.

BEAM’s Artistic Director Sarah Nicolls introducing her ‘inside-out piano’ in its first incarnation. What have you built or do you have a performance that you’d like to show in the Open Space?