We artists tend to be deeply absorbed in our creative efforts, often with little energy or desire to take a broader view. But we live in a world too violent to give us the moral right to ignore events of major political and humanitarian importance.

A brief look around

North Korea has detonated a nuclear device, adding it to the already long list of countries with the capacity, at a single blow, to wipe out hundreds of thousands of human beings.

In Darfur (Sudan) the killing goes on. Tens of thousands have already died, hundreds of thousands driven from their homes.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, in the occupied Palestinian territories, the bloodshed has not ceased, and millions live in desperate conditions amid the daily violence.

During the recent fighting in Lebanon, we launched our website,

where we invited artists from all over the world to send in work for an online exhibition of ongoing protest against the senseless and brutal loss of life. Combat there has now ceased, and we hope the ceasefire will continue to hold.

But as the above list recalls, killing goes on in different parts of the world. And it remains the moral duty of artists to speak out against the horror.

Please add your voice to our protest.
The website remains open for new works.