ARTDISK, a DVD magazine, is currently seeking submissions for ART TRAILERS.

ART TRAILERS showcases a selection of moving image territory, including Video Art, Film, Performance, Installation, etc. Comprised of works by national, international, emerging and established artists. The final selection will consist of works at :30 seconds and works at 1 minute in length.

Submissions may consist of a complete work, a trailer, or an excerpt. Submissions must be 30 seconds or 1 minute in length and may include Video Art, Film, Performance, Installation, Animation, etc.

Selected works will be published in the 2007 ARTDISK, DVD magazine, scheduled for release Fall 2007. There is an entry fee of $15, which covers up to 3 pieces per entrant. Submissions must be formatted Quicktime DV-NTSC on either a CD or DVD and submitted with a SASE, entry form, and submission fee.

Postmarked deadline: June 11, 2007
Entry Fee: $15.00 (covers up to 3 pieces per entrant)

2538 South Lowe Avenue, Suite 2
Chicago, IL 60616