NeMe invites you to the video exhibition Ancient Whispers, to be held at the Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Limassol from 17 November 2010 – 17 December 2010.

Ancient Whispers: six contemporary video artists explore the ancient myths of Prometheus and Pandora.

The focus of this project is an exploration of the idea that everything is based on the interpretation and rearrangement of historic myths in order to make new connections and translations which bear relevance to contemporary reality. The ancient whisper of these powerful myths becomes a tool for the exploration of the understanding that human behaviour is a repetitive entanglement of interaction where present social consciousness can not be isolated from the historical nature of man.

participating artists are:

  • Natalie Demetriou (CY)
  • Yiannos Economou (CY)
  • Giorgos Ioannou (CY)
  • Nicolas Iordanou (CY)
  • Nesrine Khodr (LB)
  • Guli Silberstein (IL)

Exhibition text: Nikolas Defteras
Exhibition photography: Christiana Solomou
Catalogue design: NdLine

Ancient Whispers is a NeMe project, initiated by Yiannos Economou, coordinated by Helene Black, Yiannos Economou and Yiannis Colakides and is presented by the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA) parallel project to “Looking Awry” curated by Dr Antonis Danos.

Sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus, Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation and NDLine