an exploration of place(s) real, imagined, representational and abstract

Alternative Topographies is a time-based, juried media exhibition that takes the broad idea of topography to delve into questions about place: how we define place, the roles we play in the preservation and transformation of place, and how place is represented in our memories, imaginations, and shifting experiences of reality.

(Call for works is open to the following moving image media: video, film, and animation. We are especially interested in works with original sound elements. Submissions must be under 10 minutes in length and in quicktime video format. Application fee is $25)

The panel will include 3-5 artists/academics that have expertise in the following areas: cinema/film, video, animation and/or photography.

Submit work to Slideroom

Contact Information:
Salisbury University Art Galleries

Salisbury University Art Galleries
1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
United States of America