Artistic Landmarks In Contemporary Experience Launch Call For Entries For Year’s Best Contemporary Art

The global Board of Contemporary Art (GBCA) today announced the call for entries for the 2013 ALICE Awards. The ALICE celebrates the year’s best contemporary art including projects, exhibitions, and publications by artists, critics/art writers, curators, museums, public galleries, private galleries, biennials, and publishers. The entry deadline is February 28, 2013. Nominees will be announced in April 2013, and the Winners will be announced in June 2013.


The Global Board of Contemporary Art (GBCA), which nominates and selects the ALICE award winners, is comprised of contemporary art industry experts, including among others directors, curators, critics and writers: Hou Hanru (China), Abdellah Karroum (Morocco), Yacouba Konaté (Ivory Coast), Koyo Kouoh (Senegal), Bartomeu Marí (Spain), Elizabeth McGregor (Australia), Adriano Pedrosa (Brazil), David A. Ross (USA).

“Our 2012 ALICE winners spanned the industry’s most innovative artists, curators, critics, museums and galleries of today&8217;s contemporary art,” said Barbara Vanderlinden, Executive Director of the Global Board of Contemporary Art. “If our 1-edition history has shown us anything, the second edition ALICE entries will again surprise, educate and revolutionize contemporary art.”