Video authors from all nationalities and ages can participate. The audiovisual productions should be mono-channel, produced afterwards to the year 2002.

Themes are free. Especially we are interested in risked, multidisciplinary, dreamlike, unquiet, subversive work and/or with a social critical character. We are open for a variety of styles: Works of audiovisual exploration with narrative or abstract elements, (videoloops, videoclips,…) and every form of animation. (Flash, 2D, 3D,…); also creations of video-dance, video-performance, documental and moreover all unclassified videos.


  • The IV International Show of Video Art, VAIA 2005 will be projected in the Cultural Centre of Alcoi, the 12th of November 2005 at 6pm.
  • All the selected works will form part of the archive of, which will be publicly consultable in the near future in a physic space.


  • The jury will be formed of the members of and a professor of a Faculty of Fine Arts with wide experience in the field of audiovisual creation.
  • The selected works will form part of the catalogue of VAIA 2005 and will be projected in the Cultural Centre of Alcoi.


  • There is no limit in the number of entries. The maximum duration of the works is 20 minutes.
  • Works should be sent in MiniDV (PAL) or DVD (PAL/NTSC).

Joan Giner n°18 pta 5
46020 Valencia