Second Volgograd International festival of video art "Videology" has started to accept works for contest programme. Works are accepted from 1st of July to 30th of September inclusive.

Festival "Videology" is a big event not only for Volgograd, but for all Southern Russia. It is the first for many years large-scale festival of modern art in region. We hope that festival of 2005 will continue the newly-born tradition on a decent level and contribute to establishing Volgograd as an important centre of modern art.

This year the festival will take a slogan "Personality. Community. Territory". We invite all artists who work with experimental video, to take part in "Videology" festival and to support our initiative. Here you can get familiar with the terms of application and download the application form for taking part in the festival.

We also invite artists from Germany to take part in topical festival of German videoart "Open Look", which will be carried out by us in cooperation with museum-reserve "Staraya Sarepta" in September of 2005. In 18-19th centuries Sarepta was a cultural centre of Germans of Volga region, a place of contact and interaction of German culture with other national cultures of the region. Carrying out a festival of modern German art on this historic territory with continue this old tradition on a new level. Programme of German videoart festival "Open Look" will be also presented later on at "Videology" festival. Terms of taking part in the festival "Open Look" are the same as "Videology" festival.