One Take Film Festival is an international festival of films shot in one take, that is films shot without interruption, from the moment of turning the camera.

Both professional and non-professional film and video authors can submit entries to the festival. Submission is free of charge. Each author can submit only one entry.

Only the films completed after January 1, 2002, can enter the competition.

The programme of the ONE TAKE FILM FESTIVAL will consist solely of films shot in one take, without any editing. A “take” is defined technically, as the footage made between turning the camera on and turning the camera off. The footage must not be edited in any way other than trimming at the beginning and the end.

The transition between the title/end credits and the film itself can be done by crossfading, or the title/end credits can be displayed in any other way before and after the take the film is comprised of, but only on a neutral, still background.

There are no restrictions regarding the running time of the films. Genres eligible for submission are fictional, documentary and experimental films, as well as commercial and music videos. Preview copies should be submitted on VHS tapes or DVDs. Preview copies will not be returned.


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