International Feature and Short Film Competitions
International Competition
The eleventh edition of Milano Film Festival will be held in September at the Piccolo Teatro and Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Open to works produced after January 1st 2005, the two International Competitions will be open to films of any genre, language, running time and format.

Out-of-competition season: Colpe di Stato – State (T)error
This side event features stories that depict crimes, injustice and massacres, committed under the banner of democracy, freedom, security or religion. It presents terrorism as a strategy of the so-called democratic governments – a deliberate, organized, thoroughly planned terrorism consisting in warfare actions, ban on dissent and slanted news coverage. Colpe di Stato is open also to films produced before January 1st 2005.

All applicants for the international feature or short film competitions will have to fill in the online submission form and send a DVD (preferred) or VHS copy of the film within the following 48 hours.

The competition is open to films of any genre, language, format and running time, provided that they were completed after January 1st, 2005. The works will not be divided into categories.

The maximum running time for short films is 45 minutes. Works longer than 45 minutes are considered feature films. The Milano Film Festival will discuss borderline cases with the filmmakers/producers.

In order to enter the competition, submission forms and film copies must be sent to the Milano Film Festival address by May 31st, 2006. The Milano Film Festival reserves the right to anticipate the deadline if too many films are submitted.

Each filmmaker can send three short films and/or two feature films at most. Each DVD or VHS must contain only one submitted film.

The pre-selection copies will not be returned but collected in the Milano Film Festival video archives*. All shipping and postage costs of the preselection copies will be borne by the applicants.

Deadline: 31/05/06

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