The Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales

The pieces submitted must be inspired by Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, and develop aspects related to the novel. Rather than merely illustrating the literary work, entries shall deal with those aspects, concepts, themes, ideas and issues presented in the book that remain valid today.


Artists from all over the world, with no age limit, can participate in Ingenio 400, and present their creations within the categories of Video Art, Short Films and Net Art.

Participants may submit as many works as they deem appropriate in the categoryor categories they choose. Pieces shall not have been shown before.


The jury shall award a total of €90,000 in prizes to be distributed as follows:

  • Three first place prizes of €15,000 each, one for each category
  • Six second place prizes of €5,000 each, two for each category
  • Three audience prizes (voted on the Web) of €5,000 each, one for each category

These prizes shall be subject to the corresponding withholding taxes.
All the authors of finalist pieces shall receive a diploma for the Ingenio 400 programme that is granted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.
Finalist pieces shall participate in an exhibition and catalogue if those in charge of the Ingenio 400 programme decide to organise them.

Deadline: 14/07/05 (submission date)

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