The Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art is now opening for the third time. This year's curator, Sara Arrhenius, has chosen to break with the image of the biennials as broad surveys of a large group of artists. Instead, twelve artists have been given the chance to develop new projects, or to show several works. In order to create a common ground before the exhibition work, she gathered together artists and writers for a seminar in Gothenburg this past spring.

The exhibition will present artists who, in various expressive media such as film, installations, performances, sound, and painting, investigate and interrogate the documentary form. They are exploring and posing the question of which ideology and rhetoric are at play behind the images and narratives we call reality and what these images are trying to convey to us. Why has one sort of image become so dominant in our culture, and what kind of alternatives exist? Can art create other languages, images, and realities?

A catalogue is being produced for the exhibition containing interviews with the participating artists, and texts by Pamela Lee - professor, art and art history, Stanford University, USA; Natasa Petresin - freelance curator and critic, Slovenia; Kim West - editor of Site Magazine and writer, Sweden; and Sara Arrhenius.