CARTES Flux’ calls for digital artists and filmmakers to participate in the selection for the festival of screenings.
CARTES Flux’ will take place early December’05 and early March ’06 and is hosted by the Centre for Art and Technology CARTES, Espoo, Finland.


The theme of your film is open but the films should have been completed within the three previous years, 2003-2005. The focus of the selection will concentrate on the innovative use of the digital technology converging the subject matter. Philosophical approaches are encouraged as well. Preferred length is 15 mins. or shorter. The films have to be submitted
in DVD PAL (only). The films with dialogue in other than English, Finnish or Swedish should be subtitled in English.

No participation fee. You can download the submission form from
in .pdf or .doc format. Please include also a short CV and bio, contact details + a brief synopsis of the film to your submission.

Send the film before Monday 31st October (date of postmark) to
CARTES Centre for Art and Technology, Espoo
02070 Espoon Kaupunki

Submissions will not be returned unless a S.A.E. is included. After the festival all the films will be included to the educational archive of CARTES. Films will not be redistributed or re-screened without a prior written permission of the Author. The copyright of the films remains with the Author in all cases.
CARTES is a non-for-profit Foundation and will not in any case utilise your film for monetary gains.

Looking forward to seeing your film,

Maria Tjader-Knight M.A.
CARTES Centre for Art and Technology, Espoo, Finland