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The Šum Journal will present a thematic volume entitled Cryptocene, which will be published in the 10th issue of the journal.


In a world where information equals power, what is the status of those on whom we have no information? At a time when both the meaning and the role of citizen is shifting, an estimate of 21 million people around the world remain stateless. Without a state, these people are stripped of many of their human rights, those which are legally tied with the state and its citizens.

The State

On Tuesday, 6 November 2018, at 8pm, NeMe and Buffer Fringe invite you to “The State,” a theatre play by Alexander Manuiloff, without actors and without a director.

Self as Actor: colonising identity - call for entries

NeMe is pleased to announce this open call for the selection of 10 applicants to be represented in the exhibition with one work each. Each of those selected will be paid a small fee. In addition, one applicant will be selected as the featured artist (3-4 works) who will be sponsored for travel with per diem for a 10 day residency at the NeMe Residency space in Limassol Cyprus.

The Idea of the Avant Garde - Screening

On Wednesday 17 October 2018, at 6 6pm, NeMe and curator Marc James Léger invite you to a screening event of the video works shown in the exhibition The Idea of the Avant Garde. These works will be screened in conjunction with the exhibition and allow for a large-format projection that is otherwise not possible in the gallery presentation of the many works on view.

Writing like you don't care what people think

Join Cypriot-Australian poet, performer and author of Love and F-k Poems (ποιήματα για αγάπη και για γαμήσι and Just Give Me The Pills for a poetry workshop that will inspire you to push your creative boundaries, shed your inhibitions, and get to the heart of what it is you want to express creatively.

The Idea of the Avant Garde - workshop

NeMe and Marc James Léger, curator of the exhibition The Idea of the Avant Garde, have the pleasure to invite you to participate in an interactive workshop led by Marc James Léger and Cayley Sorochan.

SMC 2018

Neme Arts Centre presents selected installations of the 15th Sound and Music Computing Conference 2018 (SMC2018), 4-7 July

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