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Drunken Boat award

Drunken Boat announced its First Annual Panliterary Awards, which will be given in the following genres: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, web art, photo/video and sound.

Turbulence Net Art competition

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. will commission 5 projects for the Turbulence website in a juried international (open to everyone) competition.

Open letter to Manifesta by Helene Black

Most of us in Cyprus understand that this division, a legacy which many of us have inherited, confronts us with the residues of an un-welcomed conflict, a time both past and present, of a socio-political madness.

6th Seoul Net Festival - Call for entries

The 6th Seoul Net Festival is open for entries in both Digital Express (International Competition) and Next Stream (Domestic Competition) in both sections respectively : Web-Work and Cinema 4 Net.

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