Forget it! don’t trust your archives

Data, images, sounds, terms, definitions, signs, contacts, biometrical information, stamps… Our culture is determined by the urge to collect and to archive, to save and to index, to systemise and to codify. Thanks to digitisation we are relieved of the tedious obligation to decide what is worth preserving – we therefore save everything and decide later what we need.

The confidence we have in the perfection of recording technologies, database systems, search algorithms and collaborative filter mechanisms change our peception of reality. The awareness of the ability to save and recall everything for later use reduces our willingness to concentrate on the moment. Not the event is important but the condensed information in a practical storage format.

Reference is security. To leave the field of what is considered secure is a risk. Imperfection, coincidence, spontaneity – what cannot be saved, recorded and documented? What is the quality of the non-permanent? What sense makes an archive nobody is looking at? How productive is oblivion?

Rewriting of rules, breaking off processes, selecting and deleting – garage 05 is searching for artists’ approaches and positions that critically discuss the technologies and mechanics of saving, archiving and forgetting.
Send them your proposals and concepts for presentations, installations, performances, projects, papers, and workshops.

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