Sanela Jahić

On Saturday, 21 September, 2019, 7:30pm, as part of her residency at NeMe for Through Other Eyes, Sanela Jahić will be presenting her current research at the NeMe Arts Centre.

The relations between machines and humans is one of the constants in Sanela’s work. Her artistic production places the research of complex relations between technology and the social, individuals and their identity directly into the context of the critique of capitalist relations of production. The current wave of pervasive automation and technologies of prediction is radically transforming and reorganising all forms of labour.

As the delegation of tasks to machines becomes widespread, Sanela Jahić‘s starting position in her latest project is to explore the possibility of a machine-conceived exhibition.

Sanela Jahić is an intermedia artist, who constructs technologically supported kinetic objects and installations.
Her artistic practice often involves collaboration with specialists for mechanical engineering, automation, software and electronics.


Main Funder: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture
Support: Medochemie, Aksioma
Photo credit: Janez Janša, Aksioma Archive