Contemporary art, perceived as “…an art that comes close to the daily life, reflecting social, political, cultural, ideological, aesthetical issues, intertwining references of different areas of knowledge: sociology, philosophy, anthropology, design, architecture, cinema, theatre, music, dance, new technologies…”, is the mirror of the recent aesthetic tendencies.

In the definition of the program for 2011 it was taken into account the possibility of a wider discussion about the world of art, of which other similar organizations are agents and interlocutors.

The 16th Biennial of Cerveira is still organized according to the model that has characterized it during a long path started in 1978. Under the theme Networks 2011, the Program of this edition seeks to enhance strategies so as to establish dialogues with other international biennials.


The competition is open to all. Each participant may present 2 works in whatever size, in any form or style. Registration forms must be sent by e-mail to