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We no longer maintain a database of calls and arts events information but if you wish to submit a public call for submissions or announce your event, you may do that in our forum. A list of the latest posts, appear on the home page of this site.


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Do you write? We are compiling a database of texts for this website.


Respublika! publication review

Many thanks to Ana Cristina Suzina, for her review in the Journal of Alternative and Community Media, of the publication we produced after the Respublika! project.

Jonas Lund and Elisa Lasowski

On Saturday, 9 November at 7:30pm, NeMe would like to invite you to two talks by Jonas Lund and Elisa Lasowski, followed by a discussion at the NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol.

Children of Prometheus

NeMe and curator Marc Garrett, cofounder and co-Director of Furtherfield have the pleasure to invite you to Children of Prometheus. The exhibition, opening on Friday, 11 October at 7:30pm at the NeMe Arts Centre investigates the landscape of a rapidly transforming world and how some of these shifts inform and affect our immediate environment.

1s and 0s, haves and have-nots

On Saturday, 21 September, 2019, 7:30pm, as part of her residency at NeMe for Through Other Eyes, Sanela Jahić will be presenting her current research at the NeMe Arts Centre.
The relations between machines and humans is one of the constants in Sanela’s work. Her artistic production places the research of complex relations between technology and the social, individuals and their identity directly into the context of the critique of capitalist relations of production. The current wave of pervasive automation and technologies of prediction is radically transforming and reorganising all forms of labour.

Through Other Eyes

On Friday September 6, at 7:30pm, NeMe has the great pleasure of inviting you to the exhibition opening of Through Other Eyes, curated by James Bridle.

Workshop: Through Other Eyes

Through Other Eyes examines the nature of both power and agency within human-technology relations so that issues of control become increasingly complex. The role of non-human actors in the creative process establishes how objects exert agency in a similar manner to humans and in many cases introduce spontaneous and unexpected results which may be viewed as a legitimate form of aesthetic expression.


What is real, and how are you sure it is so? How often can your experiences be real if so many are digital and virtual or influenced by the chemistry and architecture of your brain? Scientific research uncovers ways that our minds and senses conspire to produce gaps between the actual and the perceived. How do we navigate these blind spots, which can be exploited by trickery like fake news, but then embraced willingly to escape reality, for pleasure in fantasy? And is our concept of the real transformed by biomedical science, which brings us new understanding of mental conditions like synesthesia, dementia, or phenomena like the placebo effect?

Terms of Refusal

When ideals of capitalist progress become the driver of societal value, a position of refusal can be a political and necessary act. Eyebeam’s 2020 Residency Open Call asks applicants to consider refusal as it relates to technology and its impact on society. How do acts of refusal manifest in one’s life and work poetically or directly?

First international Cyprus Poster Triennial

On Friday 28 June at 8:30pm, we would like to invite you at the NeMe Arts Centre for the opening of the first international Cyprus Poster Triennial (CPT). As part of its support for the Triennial, on Saturday 6 July, 2019 at 6:30pm, the Department of Arts and Communications of Frederick University presents The Designer’s Backpack a series of talks and presentations that aim to underline and explain a recent shift towards freelancing and self-initiated / collective business models in the Cypriot visual communication scene.

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